3 things no one tells you about Ontario’s long-term care system

Karen Cumming, Radio and Television Arts ’84
A longtime reporter and producer, Karen Cumming, Radio and Television Arts ’84, is now a freelance journalist, health promoter, and teacher on a mission to help families navigate Ontario’s long-term care system with as little stress and frustration as possible.

Guiding our elderly parents into the final stage of their lives: it’s one of the defining issues of our baby boom generation. If you were born between 1946 and 1964, there’s a good chance you’re going through this experience yourself right now, or you know someone who is. The turmoil that the long-term care system is currently in makes it all the more important that you become proactive and prepared.

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Your 5 step guide to meal time battles

Stefania Palmeri
Stefania Palmeri is a registered dietitian who works in corporate health care, outpatient hospital programs and private practice. She is a graduate of the Nutrition and Food Program as well as the Nutrition Communication Post-Graduate Program through The Faculty of Community Services (School of Nutrition).

You’ve been there before: gawking at the neighbour’s child devouring kale power bowls while your child, instead, screams at vegetables, but readily eats an old cheese puff from behind the couch. In desperation, you Google “picky eater nutrition” which reveals 1.4 million hits — not helping. Down the rabbit hole you go, looking at recipes to sneak in vegetables or bake beans into brownies. As a pediatric dietitian who has worked with her fair share of picky eaters, let me reassure you that there are larger things you can focus on as a parent to set your child up for nutritional success. Continue reading “Your 5 step guide to meal time battles”