You graduated, now what?

Kelsey Muir, Early Childhood Studies ’13
Kelsey Muir (Early Childhood Studies ’13) is a Communications Officer at Aecom. She is also a member of the Digital Content Committee on the Ryerson University Alumni Association Board of Directors where she shares her expertise in social media and storytelling.

You graduated, now what?

You did it! Now that you’ve graduated, let’s celebrate your new alumni status and the perks of being a part of the Ramily.

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So you want to sell online? 6 must-dos

Jackson Cunningham
Jackson Cunningham (RTA ‘05) is the E-commerce Director at Wiivv and co-founder of several successful e-commerce stores.

Over the past decade, I’ve learned a lot about building e-commerce businesses. When I graduated from Ryerson, looking for ways to cover the rent, I wanted to establish an automated, passive source of income. My original goal was to make $1,000/month, but after only a few months of work, I started to realize the potential was much greater.
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Life after Ryerson: 3 career tips

Jeff Aylen
Jeff Aylen (Retail Management ’12) is the Marketing Coordinator for International Ski Federation (FIS) in Switzerland which organizes the World Cup and World Championships for skiing and snowboarding.

During those final months before graduation, the career world can feel both infinite and elusive, making it difficult for any new grad to know exactly what they want to do and be. It may be tempting to seek advice from the most accomplished professionals in their field, but is it the wisest decision? Is the job market different than it was 20 years ago? Definitely. The economic and technological landscape has changed drastically, so shouldn’t the advice you seek also have evolved?
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Corporate Entrepreneurship: Turn irony into opportunity

John Bell
John Bell (Business ’68) is the retired CEO of coffee/confectioner Jacobs Suchard. He is a former strategy consultant and the author of Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World.

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