How to get the most out of an information interview

Monika Monga
Monika Monga (Business Management ’00; Human Resources Management MA) is a HR professional who has worked in both the public and private sector where she gained experience in recruitment.

An information interview allows a potential candidate or jobseeker to “interview the employer.” It’s a great way to network with industry professionals and pick up key insights into a field or industry. The information interview gives the candidate the opportunity to lead a more casual conversation where the industry professional does most of the talking.

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Learning from others’ hiring mistakes

Craig Bissett
Craig Bissett, Marketing Management ’81, is the author of My Worst Hire & What I Learned From It. He is the Founder of the Hiring Simulation Assessment process and President of Hire Results Ltd. Bissett’s Hiring Simulation Assessment process is used by hundreds of hiring teams to test drive candidates before a key hire is made.

Business owners and managers have rarely been challenged more in a 12-month timespan as they have due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. In spite of these challenges, some vital business activities still need to take place but now with increased rigor and precision. Hiring is one of these all-important activities.

If you have the responsibility of hiring key personnel you will appreciate the hiring wisdom outlined by the 50 business leaders in this new book.

Here are a few abbreviated stories and the accompanying hiring nuggets from three of the 50 contributors:

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