All Roads Lead to Ryerson: A Reflection of my University Experience

Jesica Cuaresma
Jesica Cuaresma is a soon-to-be graduate of Ryerson’s Business Management program. With a background in the arts — specifically visual arts and musical theatre, she hopes to integrate her creativity, along with her knowledge of marketing within the business world. Her passions include travel, fashion, photography and music.

I wish I could’ve been there for my 18-year-old self — an overwhelmed senior in high school who was flustered by all of the ‘crucial’ and ‘timely’ decisions she had to make — to let myself know that it’s okay not to know.

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The importance of mindfulness

Kristina Flynn
Kristina Flynn @flynnkristina is a social Entrepreneur passionate about tech, social impact and sports, on a mission to bring hope & visibility to marginalized communities. She is the CEO & Co-founder jiiWA which is a company incubated at Ryerson’s Social Venture’s Zone.

Let’s be serious; the life of a social entrepreneur is not for everyone. The stresses are high, the expectations even higher. Most days you’re walking in quicksand instead of sprinting towards the mission like you always imagined.

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