Design your career

Joseph Donia
Joseph Donia (Psychology ’10) is the founder of Huddle Innovation, a consultancy that works with service-based organizations to create new sources of value for service users and providers.

I’ve always known that I wanted my career to help people in an innovative way, but when I began university I wasn’t entirely sure what that would look like. So, I started my journey at Ryerson in the Psychology department. It seemed like a natural fit for my curiosity about people and what makes them tick. After graduating, I decided to go out on my own rather than find an entry level job or internship, founding a social media and content marketing company. But there were still so many topics that interested me, which I felt could be better integrated with my career – behavioural economics, decision making, and innovation were just a few. All of these are increasingly important to our ever-connected society, and I knew I wanted to be part of that. But how? Continue reading “Design your career”

Rekindling that youthful enthusiasm

Jessica Holmes
Jessica Holmes (RTA ’98) is a comedian, author, and mental health advocate.

When I chose comedy as a career, I made the liberating assumption that I’d always live on a sofa in a friend’s basement. For years after graduating from Ryerson’s RTA program, I worked temp jobs by day and performed at open mic venues at night. It was the most creatively prolific time of my career. But that creativity stagnated once I got comfy on prime time and realized I finally had something to lose; an audience, a reputation, and enough money to stop buying no name brand wieners from No Frills. Continue reading “Rekindling that youthful enthusiasm”